Se Pre Amp

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Model/Product no.: SE PRE A STREAM
Weight: 31 kg

2 Versions:

2.200.000 µF & 250.000.000µF - the zeroes are correct!

We do not only use the known high-end versions of parts. Our research has shown that parts made for the space - and industrial segment actually cope better with sound than traditional parts. The best of it all - it doesn't cost more!

Some parts are used in lab equipment. That kind of parts are not allowed to make any noise and they have to be extremely fast - sounds like made for our products and your ears - right ...

Here we do not measure lifetime in hours; we expect a lifetime of 60 years! The capacitor bank, transformers etc. are built to last and so far overdimensioned, that they literally can last the best part of a life time.

Come by our showroom and experience just how big a distance there now are from traditional hifi to "The Blue Cat"

- To make it right does not mean more costly; on the contrary!

Power consumption: Very little. At standby 0.5W.



  • Analog input: 1 x Gold-plated RCA

  • Analog input: 2 x XLR (Balanced)

  • Streaming / WiFi. Streaming facility, with the option to use (Spotify/ TIDAL/qobus/roon READY/napster/deezer/SOUNDCLOUD/amazon music


  • 1 x RCA Pre-amplifier output

  • 1 x XLR Pre-amplifier output (Balanced)


  • Power button

  • Input and Volume LED display

  • Remote Control with Volume, Input, Mute, Power buttons

PRE 75 Specifications

  • Frequency range: 1 Hz – 1.000.000 Hz

  • Capacitor bank: 2.200.000 μf or 250.000.000 µF (Top version)

  • Signal to noise ratio: 130 dB

  • Distortion: THD+N <0.0001%

  • Channel separation: 126 dB

  • Line output signal: 2.5V RMS

  • Output impedance: 50 ohm


  • Depth: 52 cm

  • Width: 26 cm

  • Height: 19 cm

  • Weight: 31 kg


Power requirements: 100-120 / 220-240 VAC
Power consumption: < 25W