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Super sound 2021

A great sounding livingroom in Tel Aviv. Complete with CAT CD Drive, The Little Big amplifiers, pre-amp an DAC. Blue Diamond Loudspeakers.

A young guy from Israel shared this great setup with us

In the middle the RiAA power supply and the RiAA, suporting the Cat Tale Turntable to the right. Also here the choise was The Little Big 600W mono blocks. Pre75 & DAC75 SE controling everything. 


Hi Folks … I simply have to share the most amazing experience I had yesterday … – along with my brother, we went to the city of Give to listen to a set of Lithuanian speakers – which unfortunately was not the absolutely great experience. On the other hand, the products was, from Danish Audio Design International – at Jan & Bitten – in Odder. I think I’ve heard relatively much stuff in my time – but that experience is going to be more than ordinary hard to match.

In addition to Jan & Bitten being some of the most hospitable people I have met, there were also a few fiery souls beyond the “usual” … – they are manufacturing exclusively with Danish materials and subcontractors – powerless and uncompromising DAC’s – amplifiers and speakers.

We listened to a set of “The Truth” – a small case of about 165 kg … per piece … – I can’t remember hearing better … – until Jan introduced us to “The Future” – and not least played the tune with the helicopter from “The Wall” … – closed your eyes, it flew around the room in front of us … – now it is also a case of 8 pcs 11 “basses – 12 mid-tones and 24 trebles – in each side. Weighing just over 250 kg per piece and projecting 2.35 meters into the sky – which the sound did too.

He played the last minute of the 1812 overtime with guns … – I’ve never heard anything like it. The basses goes between 3-4 cm at each bang – it was totally magical … in addition, the Hotel California from Hell Frezees Over …

Jan told me that he had a good friend visiting – who had a pacemaker – the good man flopped down on the couch, when the sound pressure from the basses went straight into the pacemaker – fortunately he survived – but what a dynamic – in addition to a brilliant soundscape, with a richness of details, that I have not experienced before.

You should ask Jan for a visit to listen!

Bring the “big wallet” with You … – it’s totally good stuff! The power amplifiers – a minimum – weight well over 100 kg. – the next “The One” small 275 kg per piece – these are mono amplifiers. The last one is The Only One … with a fighting weight of about 375 kg. wrapped in 5-7 cm thick aluminum … – and none of them got hot at all, despite a considerable sound pressure of about 125 dB.

I still get chills …

We are really music lovers – and installations are not crucial in that context … – but when sound is delivered at this level, all music just gets a little better …

May the music be with you – Listen & enjoy 🙂

Ole Fjeldsøe – July 2019


A big thanks to Jan from Danish Audio Design International for an unforgettable demo day. Incredible to hear a hifi setup costing millions and it sounds like it as well! 

Kaj Danielsen – February 2018


I am one of those who only have the best of the best, and I have owned several of the black DACs from Danish Audio Design.
Although I normally play gramophone in the wild high end class, I must say that since I have invested in a set of PRE 100 and DAC 100 from Danish Audio Design International, I play a lot of CD’s.
It’s a great set and I can only say that if you intend to buy a DAC or PRE then this company simultaneously guarantees the wildest experience with a very beautiful design. 

Frank S. – October 2017


I have traded with Jan Jakobsen for some years and what he can deliver with regards to sound is incredible. He also provides a super service with a open approach to try new and different things. I am the happy owner of a DAC 30 and since January, Jakobsen had it in for an upgrade and afterwards it plays with great openness, speed and drive. 

Martin Klarr – October 2017


I was visiting DAD hearing their products and the sound we where presented with, was out of this world with lifelike, stable and with unrestricted dynamics, a wide open soundstage with no limits, except what was in the source material.
I cannot remember hearing anything like this anywhere, not even at the Munich show. 

Bjarne M. Sørensen – October 2017


I’ve been at Danish Audio Design International a few times and have listened to their PRE and DAC. It is an experience and it does not get better in this world. I have heard the best equipment, but this beats everything. Mr. Jakobsen have had my DAC 10 in for an upgrade and it was a fantastic experience to get it back and listen to it – it’s crazy what the man can fix and enhance regarding DAC’s.I’ve just been up at the company again and I ended up with a DAC 15 that I brought home. It is the best I have heard to date regardless of price, but don’t listen to their large sets, it’s simply crazy good, but a DAC 15 is worth 20 times what you pay for it. 

Allan Jensen – October 2017


I just bought a DAC 15 Silver and PRE 15 Silver and it beats everything else I’ve heard. The sound is incredible, no hiss or distortions, just pure audio joy.
If it wasn’t because I couldn’t handle the size of THE GRAIL I would also have bought them immediately. They are out of this world! 

Henry Skyttegaard – December 2017


I have had the honor to visit the home of Danish Audio Design International a few times and have to say I’ve never heard anything that plays as amazing as their products. You do not want to turn on your own setup when you come home. The next thing I have to spend money on is a set PRE and DAC from Danish Audio Design International.

Per Jakobsen – October 2017