The Cat Tale Turntable

The Cat Tale Turntable

Build to spoil your years & take care of your precious vinyl

Do you still hang on to your CD's ...

Do you still hang on to your CD's ...

Well then; check this 60 kg drive out

Music is emotional, recall memories & entertain

Music is emotional, recall memories & entertain

Even more so when reproduced authentically

Pure power; pure sound!

Pure power; pure sound!

Choose your power amplifier carefully

Pre-Amplifier & DAC try them out since ...

Pre-Amplifier & DAC try them out since ...

- They are both in extension to the source of your sound

Sound Reproduction Done Right

Close your Eyes and Feel The Blue Cat

Pssssst; New Pre Amp see daylight 250.000.000 µF - why not ;)

Why is high-end audio too expensive? Even when I calculated worker salary, buildings, brand value etc. I still could not make it add up. That is why I founded Danish Audio Design Int.

Music should be less about money and more about feelings, emotions, joy, pain, dance...

Jan Harbo Jakobsen

We sincerely hope the website will make it easier to navigate the amplifiers, loudspeakers and so on. Gettingthe sound that YOU desire in YOUR home, is all there realy matters. Will you find it here... well; there is one way to find out: 

Our physical showrooms are running 100% and you are as always welcome to contact us no matter where in the world you come from. There is accommodation for you who come from far and wide. or call direct +45 72 20 03 35

Take contact now and get an experience you will never forget

Åbent hus hver 1. lørdag i måneden 14-17:00. 

- Du ringer eller skriver bare og så har vi forfriskninger og masser af autentisk lyd klar til at forkæle din sjæl og ikke mindst ører. Benyt lejligheden som var du på messe.

Her kommer du helt med i maskinrummet og kan spørge ind til, både tankerne bag - og direkte til perlerne. 

Vi glæder os til at se dig. SMS/Ring 30862111

Diagonalvejen 48, 7323 Give

Heavy High-End In Focus: Why are your amplifiers so heavy?

What does other people say?

We had visitors from Hungary. They stayed for a coubles of days and made this video

- And you can read the article here ...

Mono & Stereo interview right here ....

No beautiful dance without great musicTurntable done right

Great music reproduction is done by;

"Chosing solutions based on the best components the world has to offer and equaly important, putting them together right".

Welcome to Danish Audio Design International

Back in the days, we all played great music on turntables, perhaps not on a 66 kg version like above, using the best double ceramic bearing, the best motor and a really nice cartridge and stylus. It is just like the great old black vinyl's just refuse to die - and with good reason!

Tape recorders came along and later, in the beginning of the 80´s, came the digital media. The CD Player quickly overtook the role as preferred media in turns of numbers, and the digital sound came to stay - like it or not. In terms of convenience, no question about it; it is easy to use. 

So like the turntable, we figured out a way to build the ultimate 60 kg CD drive. The tower alone is 20 kg, hanging in special bearings, making it ultra stabile when readin the CD disc. Huge power supply pretty much eliminates jitter from the reading. When merged with the DAC 75 SE, it becomes the ultimate way to enjoy your CD records ...

CD Drive done rightNow streaming is the thing. Music is more or less compressed and that does not do any good. BUT; since it is here to stay, let's get the very best out of it. We design our digital analogue converters with passion for the music. Converting without "jitter" and other habitus, is not easy and far from cheap. It took a while, but we cracked the nut. You also get full benefit of our DAC in combination with our CD drive. Read more about it under our DAC units.

Pre Amplifier & DAC before we get to powerPre-amplifier and DAC done right

If you go all the way for your audio system like we do, then pre - and power amplifier are built up separately. It allows you to go with multiple power amplifier in your system. Like one amplifier for each channel, which really is dual mono in the ultimate.

POWER please

Power amplifier done rightYou do not have to go all the way to The One (picture above. 265 kg pr.side) and the only one, much bigger. Even our smallest amplifiers, pack more power than most other amplifiers on the market. More so, they are reliable down to 2 Ohm. This indicate great craftmanship and correct choice of components. Imagine that all your music gets through your amplifier, before hitting the loudspeakers. That is why we must keep all distortion to an absolute minimum. 

Also, we must insure that you can play as loud as you like without that annoying feeling of sharpness in your years, just as you are feeling you are hitting the right power level. Sounds familiar ... well try one of our amplifiers and see if they solve the problem for you - and without even getting warm. Under Power Amplifier, you can read more about just how extreme we build them.

Now to the end of the supply chain

Tango with loudspeaker

The Loudspeakers; Final destination before your ears

"The worst sound in the world can be achieved by the best components available" according to our loudspeaker engineer Torben Mikkelsen. So, what is it all about then?

First of all, making the correct choices from the beginning. Having defined what type and size of loudspeaker we – or the customer wants, we know the size of the cabinet. The loudspeaker cabinet is one of three major keys to success.

The second key to a great loudspeaker is the drivers. Choose drivers witch work well together in both phase, dynamics, and frequency range.

The third major part is the crossover network. If the initial work is done correctly, the crossover network can be made with a minimum of components. Putting them together correctly and achieve the dream sound is still a tricky part. Mr. Mikkelsen have through out more than 30 years developed his own algorithm and have a background from Scan-Speak, Vifa, Peerless and more.

There are many other factors like damping material, connectors, driver placement and relative position. 

And now the trickier part; All electroacoustic drivers as well as crossover network components must have a minimum of distortion. Given the fact that all components have a sound of their own, that must be matched as well, to achieve the overall organic and natural sound – and that is the essence of what we aim for at Danish Audio Design Int.  

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