Power Amplifiers

What characterizes a TRUE power amplifier

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Let’s try and define a true power amplifier – in our world.

Power generates heat. Head is damaging for electronic components and make e.g., capacitors dry out. 

That is why we put a lot of effort and craftmanship into our chassis. The cooling ribs are not just “ribs”. No; the sides of the amplifiers are cut out in one single thick aluminum plate.

To shield from any potential “radio noise” and to eliminate any other outside occurring distortion, the amplifiers inside are covered in thick cobber sheets.

If you look at the technical data, it might occur to you, that our amps has a slightly larger capacity than most other amplifiers - just to be discrete. To describe it all will take a long time, so why not just stop by and listen one day soon. Your ear says more than anything we can write.