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The "Why not's" of high-end is what we do; just can't help it. When someone say "you can't do that" we find a way to do it. 


The company is called Danish Audio Design International and can be recognized by our blue cat logo – the cat that adorns our devices. It is being run by Bitten and Jan Harbo Jakobsen. Bitten has experiance in dealing with customer needs and taking a new perspective to the business, where Jan has a lot of experience with inventions and worldwide export. Together we will bring Danish Audio Design International forward with innovative solutions and the best products in the business.


The company has set a task to make the best high-end hi-fi products, all of which are handmade to order and pleasing to the ear – they can play music so it’s a real pleasure. Danish Audio Design International continues to develop state-of-the-art digital products, setting the bar higher than anyone else - we really do if you look closely.
We welcome you to a world where making something unique, is what drives Danish Audio Design International.

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Our suppliers make sure you get the very best

We owe great many thanks to our skilled suppliers! They make sure we get the best to work with and at the end insure that YOU get the best uncompromised sound possible.

On the picture you see a crane lifting a 70 kg/154 Lbs. trafo ready for packaging. It is going in to one of our amplifiers and at the end; make sure a happy customer get's an even bigger smile. 

- By the way; it is larger than a 12" woofer and 15 cm/6" high. 

Dantrafo A/S Denmark

Crane lifting trafo

Chassis building to the extreme

The must be a strong chassis to support it all. Our top model amplifier are build from massive aluminium. Then grinded down to make the profiles. We do not settle for a "glued on profile"!

Inside you find a 6 mm massive cobber shield. This sandwitch of alu and cobber, insures that even at 1000W long time power, the amplifier keept it's cool. 

The beautiful chassis work comes from Aluparts ApS Denmark


Founder & managing Director

Jan Harbo Jakobsen


Marketing & Investment Manager 

Bitten Harbo Jakobsen





International Salas Manager

Steve F

International Salas Manager

Alexander Schmidth


Electronic Engineer

Steffen Zacher Nielsen






Benny Tang


New Dealer

You ...

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Dog Harbo





Danish Audio Design International arise a day I sat and wondered about all the money I had spent in a lifetime on High-end; and yet I wasn’t satisfied. It was not peanuts; it was close to a million USD over relatively few years to be honest.

I complained that the business was not ashamed of the price they asked for the so called high-end. Why were my years not satisfied? The difference between what I heard live and when I got back home was simply huge. When I looked inside the products, it became obvious that I paid a lot for the brands and less for the “sound”.

To be said in all fairness, the technology today gives us a lot more opportunities to get closer to a one-to-one sound reproduction, but still it takes a lot to get there.  

However, my friends were tired of hearing me complaining. More than one told me straight to my face; STOP WHINING AND DO SOMETHING.

This was how Danish Audio Design International got born in 2017.

- I have a drive like TGW train when it comes to sound, and I do not understand the words "cannot be done". I can be like an elephant in a glass store, that is why our products are extremely strong and solid build, not the only reason, but you know… 

I owe a huge THANK YOU to the team of suppliers, friends, and colleagues around me. Without you I could not have done it. I am sincerely proud of you all!

Last but not least; A great thank you goes out to our customers. Because of you we can continue the journey towards honest sound, and that is what it is all about!


Jan Harbo Jakobsen & Queen Bitten Jakobsen; my forgiving wife


"The One" being finetuned for test in the showroom. It is easier to move Steffen (70 kg), than the 250 kg mono amplifier. Sometimes he even move by him self

The Only One Amplifier in the backgound and Torben Mikkelsen working on the sound for The Diamond Loudspeaker. 

My Queen Bitten and the very first "The Only One" amplifier serial nr. 001